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// May 16, 2024 //

unveiling the benefits and features of solventless carts









Cannabis consumption is continually evolving. We are constantly discovering new options that allow us to enjoy our cannabis and simplify how we do it. Some people use cannabis for recreation while others use it to be calm or even for medicinal purposes. No matter what your purpose is for using cannabis, you need to be in the know about the newest technology and options.

In recent years, the cannabis industry has revolutionized their game. There are so many awesome innovations to discover. With that, we’ve also gotten a lot smarter about the products we consume. Solventless carts are becoming more and more popular thanks to their pure nature which gives you a more potent and flavorful experience. The more we learn about solventless carts, the more we want to know and explore! Check out this simple guide to better understand the benefits and features of these cool products.

what is a solventless cart?

How familiar are you with the term solventless cart? It’s a fairly new terminology, but it also speaks for itself. The idea of a product being solventless is intriguing on its own. As the name very clearly suggests, these products are extracted using absolutely no solvents. They don’t even have solvents that are purged. Instead, they skip the solvents altogether and use methods like ice, water, heat, pressing, dry sifting, and some other common choices.

And then we have the word “cart,” which is really pretty much just short for cartridge. It’s not a physical cart, it’s just a slang term and it means the same thing as a cartridge. We’re talking about the cartridges in vape pens, dab rigs, or other cannabis products. You might also hear the name referred to as a rosin cartridge or live rosin vape cartridge.

All of these boil down to the same thing, which means that it’s a cartridge full of product that was extracted using absolutely no solvents in the process. That’s easy enough to understand, right? Without solvents, you get a more flavorful, aromatic, and potent experience. Instead of worrying about what chemicals or nasty things you are inhaling, you just get to inhale your cannabis concentrates and know you’re getting a fresh and tasteful product with no nasty solvents.

a spoonful of cannabis concentrate

top benefits of solventless carts

So does it really matter that there are no solvents? After all, people have been vaping or enjoying extractions that use solvents for a long time. Some people may not know any better, but there could be some serious health consequences to your body for inhaling those solvents. Even when it’s just residual solvent after purging a product, it’s still terrible to inhale. After all, when solvents are used, you’re looking at things like these in your concentrates:





carbon dioxide

Most of the time, by the time you get the product it has been purged, but you have no idea what you are exposing your body to. Did you know that inhaling butane could actually lead to toxicity in the brain or the myocardium? Talk about negative health benefits.

That brings us to talk more about the benefits of solventless cartridges. In our very humble opinion, these are the benefits:







The biggest benefit that you will find is solventless carts are pure. Thanks to the avoidance of solvents, the product remains pure and natural. No chemicals were ever added to the product, which means there is no risk of any residual chemicals or contaminants in the final product. The cannabis is 100% clean and natural. For you, that means a far better cannabis experience with better aromas, flavors, and effects. If you care at all about your health, purity is a huge thing.


Different types of cannabis can have different flavors to them. This comes from the plant itself as well as things like the terpenes’ flavor profile and the cannabinoids from extraction. When the essence of the plant matter is extracted without solvents, it maintains its natural form. That means that the aromas and flavors are also natural and far more prominent.

You no longer have interference with the total cannabis experience. Even when you partake in weaker substances, the flavor and the aroma are rich, with no aftertastes or artificial tastes in the mix. This is the true flavor profile of cannabis.


It doesn’t matter if you use cannabis for the medicinal properties of CBD or if you want to experience the psychoactive effects of THC, potency matters. For medicinal purposes, more potency means stronger effects to treat your needs. And when you want to get high, potency in THC means a little goes a long way. You can enjoy the effects of your cannabis without having to overdo it.

Because there is no solvent used in the extraction process, you get more of the true identity of the plant material. This means that the extraction process maintains the integrity of the plant so you get a highly potent concentrate in the end. A small dose can be powerful and long-lasting no matter what your use of cannabis is.


We touched on safety a little bit already, but we really want this to hit home. In cannabis extraction methods that use solvents, there is no accountability. Sure, they may purge the product, but there is no guarantee of that. What if they claim to purge it and don’t? You just have no real idea what you are inhaling into your lungs.

And the fact is you are inhaling whatever that concentrate you picked out contains. If it is not solventless cartridges, you’re likely inhaling something like propane or butane. Can you imagine what chemicals like these can do to your health?

On top of that, the individuals or companies handling the extraction process without solvents are also much safer. They eliminate highly explosive and flammable materials from the process. They remove chemicals that are not safe for them to be heavily exposed to and inhale while they extract.

The results? Solventless carts are safer for you as a cannabis consumer, but also safer for all of the producers out there too.


The last major benefit we want to talk about is versatility. Just because you choose to go with a more pure and potent option doesn’t mean you have to have limited choices. In fact, so many producers are moving to solventless methods that you can find tons of excellent choices out there.

If you prefer certain potency levels, certain strains, or even certain flavors, it won’t be a problem. The market continues to provide for personal preferences so that you get the experience you demand even with solventless choices.

cannabis plant

solventless cart features to know

Alright, you get it. Solventless cartridges are awesome, right?

The product is awesome because it’s safe, flavorful, pure, and versatile. What types of features do the carts have? Take a look at these!

full spectrum

Since solventless extraction maintains the natural elements of the cannabis flower, you get a full spectrum experience. Solvent processes can destroy a lot of the cannabis plant, including tons of terpenes and cannabinoids. Skipping the solvents maintains the integrity of these parts of the cannabis. That means you get a full spectrum extract every time. They aren’t just claiming the full spectrum because they used that type of plant matter. It actually is because there is no chemical interference with the full spectrum plant matter.

quality ingredients

We cannot stress enough how much better the ingredients are when there are no solvents involved. The companies that are willing to go above and beyond to create extracts without solvents also choose premium products to work with. That means you can depend on high-quality cannabis flower or hash used from the beginning.

Quality is the name of the game here and that means the cartridges you get or the concentrates you choose will be potent, flavorful, and premium quality.

simple convenience

Listen, quality is everything. But what about convenience?

Did you know that solventless carts are some of the most discreet cannabis vape options out there? It doesn’t matter what brand or option you prefer. With solventless choices, all you need is the vape cartridge and the vape pen or similar product. They’re small, simple, discreet, and incredibly convenient.


Solventless extraction processes lead to more consistent results. When a producer uses solvents, they have little control over the chemical or the purging process. They may know what they are doing, but it’s going to affect the product. When there are no solvents in the equation, the product is far more consistent.

Consistency equals knowing your favorite product will be the same time and time again.


The use of solventless carts is a great way to step into the future and experience the very best of the cannabis market. Treat yourself to something that is more pure and more reliable and will ultimately give you the best experience possible. If you’re hearing of solventless options, now is the time to make the switch. It’s a choice you won’t regret!

Check out our variety of solventless flavors and carts and more today!

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