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// October 31, 2023 //

what is turn solventless (AKA live rosin)?







Another day, another incredible cannabis concentrate made possible by tinkering turn terpologists and mother nature herself! 

Quick refresher — cannabis concentrates are highly potent concentrations of the best parts of the plant. By isolating cannabinoids and terpenes (the compounds responsible for psychoactive and physical effects, aroma, and flavors), you get a pure substance containing nothing but the good stuff. 

Concentrates can be ingested independently, added to other weed, used in edibles, and more. They can be extracted using a variety of fun and fancy methods, each with its own price point and highly customized outcome. 

One of the latest and greatest to storm our cannabis kitchen? 100% solventless!

explain it like I’m five: WTF is solventless?

Just like it sounds — no solvents! Extracted without synthetics (just water, ice, and agitation), turn 100% solventless is the purest way to experience the untouched essence of the cannabis plant. 

Crafted in small batches — with zero synthetics like butane, propane, or ethane — using strains specifically grown and selected for the solventless process.

No wonder 100% solventless and our proprietary TRUtaste™ tech are made for each other.  

TRUtaste™ is about less being so much more — nothing touches your oil except safe, sterile ceramic. Pair that with clean and serene solventless, and you experience pure cannabis oil and vapor alone. They go together like PB&J, Sonny and Cher, Sonic and Tails…you get it. 

A match made in high-ven. 

how turn solventless live rosin is made

At turn HQ, we’re extremely picky about which strains we select — we even get into fights over it! But once the dust has settled and we’ve chosen the best strain for this process, it’s go time. 

People with more cannabis know-how than the mysterious writer penning these blog posts start with buds from those aforementioned strains and preserve their cannabinoids and terpenes with low-temperature processing. Then it’s time to extract the resin using good old-fashioned agitation with ice water inside sterile mesh bags. 

After a while, trichomes (teensy growths resembling water droplets on the plant’s surface responsible for most cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids) become brittle, break off, and fall to the bottom of the bag. turn alchemists collect this cannabis gold, hand press it with more ice water, then mechanically press it at temperatures between 60º-220º F. Voila! 100% solventless is born. 

the look, taste, and feel of solventless live rosin

Solventless can take various forms depending on the temperatures and pressure used while extracting. An experienced terpologist can make wax, shatter, chips, oil, and more. 

The highest quality stuff will have a strong scent and a golden or tan color. Trust us; you want the stinky stuff. 

who should try solventless?

Anyone who wants to enjoy an incredibly selective, small-batch, solvent-free cannabis concentrate. That can include everyone from the super health-conscious to old-school smokers to those with the budget to expand their palate. 

The effects can come on quickly and feel overwhelming, something first-timers or light dabblers will want to bear in mind. Because of its potential for entourage effects, people often turn to 100% solventless for fast-acting physical relief. 

why does solventless cost more than other concentrates?

Solventless uses cannabis harvested early and preserved “fresh-frozen” to maintain plant power, similar to live resin. Fresh frozen buds aren’t dried or cured in any way. The plant matter is frozen in its natural state to protect all essential compounds. Then, it’s time to extract. 

But while live resin goes through an extraction process that uses solvents like ethanol, solventless…well, uses no solvents whatsoever. 

Reputable extractors completely eliminate the solvents used in live resin after they break down the plant. Then we test every oil batch to ensure no trace is left. 

(Careful, though. Sketchy extractors looking to make a quick buck may not be as fastidious, leaving behind residual material that affects taste and quality.)

Even when taking the time to follow meticulous protocol, using solvents significantly speeds up the extraction process. That allows us to produce larger batches faster. 

But because the solventless process requires specific strains bred, grown, and harvested to suit a very particular solvent-free extraction method, it can be more time-consuming and complicated, creating smaller yields. Small, labor-intensive artisanal batches = higher price! 

is solventless better than live resin?

Depends!  “Better” is a matter of opinion, especially when you’re getting high-quality oil from cannabis-obsessed nerds who care. Ultimately, it’s your particular preferences and needs that count — want to spend less $$ and have more variety? Can’t go wrong with 100% live resin. 

If you’re only interested in solvent-free extractions and don’t mind a higher price point and more particular strains, 100% solventless is your go-to. 

If you’re here, hopefully you already know about our (slightly manic) fixation with creating top-shelf cannabis oil you can’t get anywhere else. turn 100% live resin and 100% solventless are both potent and flavorful, and when combined with our proprietary pods + our TRUtaste™ tech, you’re guaranteed a supernatural experience either way.  

Plus, we can’t choose between them — that’s like picking a favorite child. We could NEVER!

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