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// May 30, 2024 //

is delta-8 addictive? exploring the facts








There are a lot of questions about the addictive nature of various elements of cannabis or hemp products. Many people would argue that marijuana products are not addictive, but others might argue that it is.

Delta-8 contains THC and is derived directly from hemp. A common question that is asked now is whether Delta-8 is addictive considering the psychoactive effects of this product. 

Is Delta-8 addictive? In this guide, we will dig deeper, explore more facts about Delta-8, and work to uncover the possibility of addiction where this product is concerned. Let’s take a look.

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delta-8 overview

Delta-8 is not your average cannabis product. Where most THC products just come from cannabis plants, this comes from hemp. While they ultimately come from the same plant, hemp combines male and female cannabis sativa plants to significantly reduce the THC from the flower. Most hemp plants have less than 0.3% THC, which makes this product far milder than the typical cannabis product with full spectrum THC. 

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol is ultimately a chemical compound from hemp. Some people call it the diet weed because it’s weak compared to things like Delta-9 THC, live resin, diamonds, THCa, and just about anything else out there.

Most Delta-8 is produced synthetically from hemp because the element is found in very limited amounts from the cannabis sativa plant. This could mean it has harmful chemicals in it. You can find Delta-8 in tons of places and it can be used in different products, such as gummies, vapes, brownies, tinctures, or even dry herb matter. 

Delta-8 provides therapeutic benefits and may have mild psychoactive effects as well. The name comes from a particular cannabinoid. You probably have also heard of Delta-9 THC, which is the sister compound in marijuana to 8, but it produces a high, whereas this one is far milder in that aspect. Delta-8 is derived from hemp, which is what makes it so much more mild. 

The thing to recognize is that you can still get high. You can still have a psychoactive experience, but the mild effects tend to make it more manageable. Cannabinoids like this one work because they interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system. The effects often lead to the regulation of physiological functions. They can affect your sleep, mood, appetite, and more. This strain is most commonly used for its therapeutic benefits. 

But does that mean it isn’t addictive? 

the safety of using delta-8 THC products

As with anything out there, there are going to be safety risks and concerns. The hemp industry has always been riddled with misconceptions but also with disagreements. Some people, like us, believe it has its benefits and isn’t harmful when used correctly. Then there are the people out there who just want to hate it because it’s associated with marijuana. It is what it is, right? 

What you should know is that the FDA does not regulate Delta-8 THC products, or any marijuana products for that matter. And if you dig deeper, the FDA has released guidelines that warn against Delta strands and other similar THC products. The warnings for this strain specifically mostly revolve around the fact that it is a synthetic product. Because of that, you should exercise caution. You want to be cautious and use a reputable brand that you can trust. 

You should do this with any vaping or cannabis products, honestly. 

Don’t just assume that because Delta-8 THC has more mild effects it’s automatically safer to take. While it may have different or reduced effects in that manner, it’s still important to be aware of the potential risks or how they may still affect you. We just want you to be aware so you can use it responsibly. 

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addiction vs. dependency

Before we talk about whether Delta-8 THC is addictive, let’s talk about addiction vs. dependency. These are not the same thing and they shouldn’t be treated like they are. A dependency is when someone’s body physically depends on a drug to get by. With Delta-8 THC, it might be because you need the pain relief effects so your body depends on you using it to cope with pain issues. 

Our bodies become dependent on a lot of things. For example, you are dependent on deodorant to not have terrible body odor. We are dependent on food for nourishment and sustenance. The same concept, just a different story. 

Then we have addiction, which is not the same. In this case, a person compulsively seeks out Delta-8 THC because they crave it or just want the effects. They don’t care about any negative effects; they simply want to have their next fix because they like it. This type of person has difficulty avoiding the use of substances, and they may be affected by other substances too. They simply like the reward of using it. 

In both scenarios, when someone stops using the substance they can experience withdrawal symptoms. 

so, is delta-8 addictive? 

The truth is that there simply aren’t many studies out there yet. There has been some research and studies of substance use and how it affects people, but most studies are not associated directly with Delta-8. 

While Delta-8 is less likely to be as addictive as stronger variations of cannabis and hemp, it can still be addictive. The common thought is that it is so mild that it doesn’t lead to addiction. And overall, there is thought to be a much lesser risk of addiction to this particular option. But the truth is that there can be addiction. 

Honestly, we can become addicted to anything. That includes marijuana, Delta-8, food, caffeine, and so much more. The reality is that this too can be addictive and it is important to be aware and familiar. Delta-8 does still produce mild psychoactive properties, which is another common sentiment that often leads to addiction. 

Any type of substance that affects your mind in some way or impacts your thoughts and actions could potentially be addictive at some point. Depending on your usage habits, you may be more susceptible to addiction. For example, a person dependent on Delta-8 for their health needs may eventually also become addicted. The more long-term you consistently use Delta-8 THC, the more likely you are to face potential addiction and dependency. 

So, while you might be less likely to face an addiction to Delta-8 THC, you shouldn’t rule it out as impossible. 

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let’s talk about the research

There is some research out there that considers the addictive properties. The challenge is that the research specifically about Delta-8 products is extremely limited. Most of the information we know about Delta-8 THC is tied to studies that are specific to Delta-9 THC. You can only take so much from these considering that the two are very different, despite being commonly lumped together. 

What is most known to lead to addiction in Delta-9 THC is the psychoactive effects. Delta-8 THC has much less of this compound, but it does still contain some. Delta-9 studies have revealed that it can be addictive because of its psychoactive effects, which leads us to assume that Delta-8 products could also be addictive, but the risk might be slightly lower. The highest likelihood of addiction is tied to regular use and high dosage. 

The research and studies also consider that cannabinoids in particular, including Delta-8 THC, impact your brain’s reward signals. Those signals are often what lead to addiction or make it more likely. Your body associates the substance as a reward and you become addicted. 

All of that being said and noted, we still know very little. We just know addiction is possible. 

consider the individual

The truth is that we are all different. Some of us are more prone to the risk of addiction and others are less likely to be affected. You as an individual possess various life factors that might impact whether or not you are susceptible to addiction. These are some things that might make a difference: 


Mental health

Social environments

Personal history

Your details could influence whether or not you are more likely to develop an addiction to Delta-8 THC.The usee will also matter. When you use it in moderation and with responsibility, you remain in control. It’s when you start to lose that control that you may be facing an addictive issue. 

Get to know the signs of addiction and hold yourself accountable with responsible, moderate use for the intended purpose. Adhere to legal or regulatory guidelines as well as responsible dosing. All of these things can help to mitigate the risks of addiction and minimize negative consequences as well.

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Is Delta-8 addictive? It certainly can be. Much like other substances, there is the possibility of addiction. Get to know your body and how it responds and train yourself to use Delta-8 THC in moderation and stay aware. If you have concerns about addiction, get help right away. Any product that has psychoactive effects has the potential to be addictive. Awareness allows you to make informed decisions and use your products responsibly to help reduce the risks for you.

If you want to try high-quality Delta-8 products from a quality source, we’ve got you covered. Check out our options today!

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