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// May 06, 2024 //

cannabis concentrates 101: a comprehensive guide for beginners









You hear a ton of terms for cannabis. Things like resin, wax, shatter, budder, and other terms can be incredibly confusing when you aren’t familiar with what it all means. You know what we mean.

Your friend used the word “budder” and you just nodded your head like you totally understood…even though you didn’t.

Hey – we’ve all been where you are. You don’t just get to know the terms by magic. These terms are used for a reason and they all describe something very different. People are falling in love with cannabis concentrates because it simplifies the experience of enjoying your cannabis.

Plus, a little bit will go a long way! In this edition of cannabis concentrates 101, we break it down for you to reveal everything you need to know about cannabis concentrates and all those terms you keep hearing.

cannabis resin

what the heck is a cannabis concentrate?

We’re going to need to start at the beginning to catch you up to speed. A cannabis concentrate is a form of cannabis. What makes it different from your typical Mary Jane is the form that it comes in. Concentrates are extracted from the plant directly. They can be extracted from a fresh plant, a dried plant, or even a frozen plant. The extraction process draws out the oil of the plant to create a unique form of cannabis concentrate.

The concentrated cannabis that is naturally extracted has a high terpene content as well as high levels of cannabinoids, making it more potent, flavorful, and aromatic. The cool thing about the extraction process is that it can be done in different ways. Different methods and different plants will bring you a unique strain and a concentrate that is entirely unique, too.

The techniques for extraction vary, and some of them are quite complicated and involved. They all serve different purposes and will provide varying results. This is where the different forms like shatter, budder, oils, and waxes come from. Those differentials are based on the type of extraction and the result you get.

the most common types of cannabis concentrate

When you break it down, you will find that there are many different types of concentrates. Remember that the differences relate to the extraction processes or the intended usage. These are some of the major types of marijuana concentrates:








crumble & sugar


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Shatter is referred to as hash oil. It’s a concentrate that heavily focuses on the psychoactive ingredients of THC and will ensure your concentrate is quite potent. These types of concentrates have particularly high levels of THC compared to others out there.

Why call it shatter? When it’s extracted and prepared, it looks like fragile glass. It’s very brittle as well so it can shatter easily. This is one of the most popular concentrates you will find, especially for those who prefer pipes and bongs or a quality vape pen.


Budder is another popular option. It’s also sometimes called badder or batter, but they all really mean the same thing in terms of the concentrate process. There are some minor differences, but if you like budder, you will be pleased with the others as well. Budder gets its name because its smooth consistency is very similar to butter. Tell us someone wasn’t using their THC products when they came up with that name! We probably won’t believe you, though.

Budder is lighter in nature and not quite as potent. It still has THC remnants and will get the job done, but it’s lighter for people who prefer not to get completely baked. Batter and badder aren’t quite as smooth, but they have the same potency.


Cannabis wax is pretty self-explanatory. It truly does resemble wax, with a bit of a sticky feel. Some people like to combine wax with the flower, which brings us to another slang term – twaxing. That’s not for everyone, but it’s certainly an option worth trying. Wax has a medium potency level and great aroma and flavor too.


Resin is what confuses people the most. There is live resin and there is live rosin. There are other variations of the term, too. Is there a difference between resin and rosin? We’re glad you asked. The difference between those two terms is that rosin is a solventless extraction and resin uses solvent-based extractions. Otherwise, they are the same types of cannabis oil.

Resin is one of the few processes that extract the cannabinoids and terpene profiles when the flower is fresh. Most extraction processes use a dried cannabis plant material, but not this one. Because of that it is one of the most potent and flavorful choices. It’s typically used for dabbing or a vape pen because of its potency.


Hash is also referred to as bubble hash a lot. Hash is one of the longest-standing concentrates out there and remains a popular go-to. It’s a challenging process because knowledge and technology have improved since then. But you simply can’t beat some good hash.

Hash is made with manipulation of the buds to pull out the sticky trichomes inside. It’s very sticky. There is also bubble hash. They are a little bit different as bubble hash comes from a water extraction method. In the end, they have the same medium potency levels and the same flavors. Most people only vape hash.

You might also hear of BHO, which is butane hash oil. This just means that butane was used to help extract the terpene content and cannabinoids. When butane is used, the texture can vary quite a bit from residual solvents.


Distillate doesn’t necessarily need its own category, but it’s a term you might hear out there. The truth is that distillate is really just resin or rosin. It’s thick and has a consistency very similar to honey when it’s ready to go. However, it is even more potent than rosin and resin. It’s one of the most potent cannabis extracts out there and is heavily THC oil. If you’re looking for the high, you need only a small amount to make that happen.


The term tincture is more common with things like CBD oil that don’t have much THC in them. However, it can still apply to THC oil too. Tincture just means that the cannabis extract gets mixed with some other material that is the carrier of the cannabinoids. It’s blended with the carrier to reduce potency and that even allows people to consume it in proper doses.

CBD tincture

crumble & sugar

Crumble and sugar are less common too. This type of concentrate isn’t as potent, but some people just enjoy the nature of these two. Crumble is called such because it is crumbly in nature. Imagine that. It’s extremely dry so it doesn’t work well for vaping or dabbing purposes. It does work well for joints, bongs, and pipes, though.

Sugar is also crumbly and very similar to crumble, which is why we listed them together. The difference is that sugar has a wet nature so it can be used in a vape just fine.

using cannabis concentrates

Understanding the terms is only part of the guide. You also need to know how to use them and how to properly store them.

Technically, you can use these cannabis oil concentrates however you want to. If you prefer dabbing or vaping, this typically works really well with almost any concentrate. It’s harder to use concentrate for smoking a pipe or bong, but some of them come in a consistency that you can make it work. The consumption method is totally your decision, though.

Let’s break down these common methods of enjoying your favorite cannabis concentrates:

Dabbing: vaporization of concentration with heat. Most people use a dab rig for dabbing purposes.

Vaping: using a vape pen or handheld vaporizer to heat the concentrate and allow you to inhale the vapor at your own pace or chosen level.

Smoking: refers to the use of something like a joint, bong, or pipe. More and more people are moving away from these methods and using vape cartridges or dab rigs with concentrates.

Adding the flower: incorporating the cannabis flower paired with concentrate for enhanced flavor profile and potency. Typically done through a pipe or joint.

cannabis bud and dab

are you a beginner? use these tips

We all have to start somewhere. There is no shame in being a beginner who is just learning terms and how to properly enjoy cannabis concentrates. Here are a few quick tips to help you get started:

Start low and slow and adjust as wanted or needed

Always pick high-quality products

Try out different types and flavors; you might like more than one

Your equipment matters

With these little tips, you’re bound to have a great experience.


This cannabis concentrates 101 guide is meant to give you the basic knowledge and tips to get out there and start experimenting. Whether you’re chasing medicinal benefits or you want to get high, there are so many different choices out there.

Cannabis concentrates are incredibly versatile, which is what makes them amazing. Take the time to try some new things and different equipment to figure out what you like best and what works for your needs. Enjoy the process!

Ready to check out some forms of cannabis concentrate? Take a look at our high-quality carts and disposables and get some new things to try today!

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