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// May 16, 2024 //

effective techniques: how to avoid coughing when vaping weed









Vaping weed has easily become one of the most popular methods to partake. Whether you’re getting high or using weed for medicinal purposes, it’s a great choice. Gone are the days when you had to pull out the bong or roll a joint. Don’t get us wrong, you can still totally enjoy your stuff the old-fashioned way. You just don’t have to do it that way. Vaping weed with a disposable pen or vape pen is convenient and discreet, which is why we love it so much.

The downside is you still get the weed cough even when vaping. The cough alone does a little something to take away from the discrete nature of the vape. So how do you enjoy your weed and not cough when smoking weed vape? We’ve got you covered. Check out these simple hacks that will help you vape as you please and reduce the cough that comes with it.

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bro, maybe you’re using the wrong vape

That trusty little vape you take everywhere with you may be the wrong vape for you. We know you love it because it feels good or you like this style. But that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for your physical needs. The truth is not all vapes are created equal. Some cause your smoking experience to be more harsh, which can lead to that cough you’re trying to avoid. It might be time to say goodbye to the trusty vape you’ve been using and try another option.

Look for vapes that have customization settings you can get just right. You definitely want to use a high-quality vaporizer. That detail alone is going to be one of the most important ones. Having the ability to adjust your temperature higher or lower will also help. The temperature settings will affect the potency, but low temperatures are typically smoother and easier to avoid coughing from inhaling. Hot hits and high heat settings can cause an irritated throat.

These little things about your vape may be all the change you need for a more enjoyable experience.

quit smoking cheap weed products

We get it, you get the cheap stuff because, well . . . it’s cheap, right? But that cheap stuff is probably a big part of your problem. Here’s the thing. Cheap weed products usually go through a synthesizing process that includes who knows what into your weed. You have no idea what kinds of toxins or chemicals you are inhaling into your body.

Sure, the local head shop promises great deals on great weed. But how much do you really know about their weed products? If you’re using cheap weed and it’s making you cough a lot with no control, it’s time to try something better. The quality of weed makes a difference in your experience, but it also makes a difference in your scratchy throat cough and how it affects you.

When you use cheap weed that isn’t great quality, it’s going to be harsh and it’s far more likely to leave you with the dreaded coughing. This weed tends to have excessive moisture and mysterious impurities, but you have no way of knowing it. The harshness and the mystery additives are what make you cough more. When you use high potency oil, even in vape concentrates, your vaping experience will be much smoother and your cough will be reduced for sure.

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do you grind your own weed?

Some of us buy vape cartridges that are already made up for us. Others like to grind their own weed and make it themselves. What you do is totally your call. Nothing wrong with grinding your own product to vape, but you do want to do it right.

The trick is to grind the weed up finely so that it can vaporize better. When it’s finely ground, the vapor is spread more evenly, which will make your inhalation smoother and more consistent. It will help with that cough as a benefit.

dehydration = coughing

Is your throat dry or even irritated already? If it is, then when you take that hit you are definitely going to cough. Staying hydrated, especially around the times you’re hitting the vape, is going to help lessen throat irritation. If you’re already coughing or your throat is dry and irritated, hitting the vape is going to provoke a cough and probably make it worse.

Make sure you are drinking water anyway, but make sure you hydrate before, during, and after smoking weed vape. It helps to reduce the irritation that leads to coughing.

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slow down there, bud

We know you’re excited to enjoy your weed, but you’ve gotta slow it down. Think of this as the chance to just immerse yourself in a full weed experience. Taking slow, controlled hits works so much better, plus you get to enjoy it more. Some people get overly excited and take big hits or hit too quickly in succession. This is a great way to trigger a cough because it’s like attacking your lungs.

Slow it down, control your hits, and inhale the vapor slowly and gradually instead of all at once. It’s gentle, it’s enjoyable, and it will help reduce the possibility of coughing, too.

when was the last time you cleaned your vape?

Can you even remember the last time you cleaned your vape pen? Are you noticing a burnt taste or flavor when you take a hit? If you’re using the vape over and over without cleaning it, then it’s going to cause irritation. Chances are you have bits of old or burnt product down there, causing you to cough.

Even when you vape until your cartridge is empty, there is still residue buildup down inside there. Bud and residue can stick and if they’re in contact with the heat or a hot plate, then they also char or burn. The result for you is less enjoyable vaping and that cough, too.

Follow the instructions for cleaning your vape pen and try doing it regularly. This will go a long way to help you. Plus, your vaping experience will be so much better anyway.

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try different inhalation methods

Do you have an inhalation technique? Maybe you just puff as long as possible and expose your lungs to too much vapor at once. But the truth is there are different types of hits and you might find that one hit works better for you than another. The two most common hit styles are lung hits and throat hits. There’s a difference between the two.

Lung hits: When you take a lung hit, you inhale directly into your lungs. This is a deep inhale that draws in a large amount of vapor and you feel it in your lungs instead of your throat. It takes some practice to get this inhale down for your lung capacity, but it may be more comfortable and less likely to trigger the cough.

Throat hits: With a throat hit, you inhale and the vapor hits the back of your throat. For some people, it’s the contact with the throat that causes the coughing fit. However, there are a lot of people who are transitioning from traditional smoking methods that prefer a throat hit. Getting the perfect throat hit can be a challenge.

Mouth to lung hit: We want to touch on this one just slightly too as it is more popular than it used to be. In this type of inhale, you draw the vapor into your mouth directly and then inhale it into your lungs. It doesn’t hit the back of your throat right away and then you inhale the vapor deep into your lungs.


maintain your vape

We talked about cleaning your vape, but there are other important steps to maintaining your vape. One of the most important steps is to change your coil from time to time. A lot of weed vapers forget about this and never change the coil. The truth is that you really need to change the coil pretty regularly, especially with weed vaping.

Cleaning the vape isn’t really enough all the time. Yes, you need to clean your vape, but changing the coil will be essential as well. The coil can get clogged up and dirty from use and it happens pretty quickly. A dirty coil can affect your cough so plan to change it every 2-4 weeks, depending on how much you vape.

have you tried a vapor cooler?

Finally, if you need another option and you’re just not having great luck reducing the cough, you might need to consider using a vapor cooler or even a water pipe. These are accessories that attach to your vape, but they can help improve your experience and give you a smoother option. They just help to add moisture to your vapor, while also cooling it down. They might be the change you need to quit chronic coughing.


Learning how to not cough when smoking weed vape can take a bit of trial and error. Some people just never really get rid of the persistent cough. However, with these tips, you should definitely be able to at least improve your cough so you can continue to enjoy your weed vape and keep it discreet in the process. Try it out and see what works for you!

Check out our high-quality weed vapes and accessories for a smooth vaping experience today!

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