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// October 06, 2023 //

ΩHM my gosh! what is OHM? 






Gather ‘round, folks! We’re diving into the magical electric world of ohms. 

explain it like I’m five: what is OHM in cannabis vaping? 

Ever seen this little octopus-lookin’ Ω guy? That’s the symbol for the ohm, a unit used to measure electrical resistance. Ohms are used across a range of electronic devices, but we’re honing in on what it means for vaping right meow. ‘Cause we love clouds! 

In vapes, we use ohms to translate the difficulty an electric current has when passing from the battery (which generates the current) through the heating coil (which vaporizes your oil at high temperatures). 

The lower the resistance, the easier it is for that current to cruise through the coil and heat up lickety-split. The higher the resistance, the slower the heat. There are three key pieces to making a big, silky, flavorful cloud: voltage, resistance, and current. 

More current from a high-capacity battery (ahem, like ours) means more power, which heats your coil up faster to vaporize oils quicker. The result? An utterly incredible puff. 

Dialing this trifecta in is absolutely crucial for delivering a consistent, smooth, delicious experience. 

turn disposables, turn podpak, OHMs, & vaping

And dial it in we did! The smoke-lovin’ scientists at turn HQ experimented with ohms and heat settings for over a year to get it juuuuust right. Once they had it locked, our new turnpen and podpak were perfected. 

The highest priority was to deliver a next-level vaping experience without annoying, confusing buttons to fuss with. Why? Because to put it elegantly: buttons suck. 

Are you thinking, “Buttons allow the user to change the heat setting, tho. Isn’t that good?!” Fair question, gentle reader, but the answer is naaahh. And not for the reason you think!

It’s not that some users aren’t completely capable of dialing in their pens to fiery perfection. It’s that you shouldn’t have to. WE did the hard work for you, and it took months on months of testing and observing the way certain levels of heat react with specific oil types like live resin, botanica blends, live rosin, etc., to get to perfection. 

All so that you can sit back and enjoy the ride — drama-free! 

Not only does allowing a user to choose their heat settings make vaping way more intimidating and a barrier to entry for folks just dipping a toe into this wonderful world of cannabis, but it also can create a real crap sitch for anyone who makes a mistake. And that ain’t fair to you! 

Imagine you accidentally select the wrong heat setting and it burns your oil. Wellp, that’s it. Finito, it’s over; time to go home — because now your entire pen or pod has that burnt flavor across every hit. Vibe = wrecked. 
Instead of that nightmare scenario, you grab your turnpen or podpak and inhale/exhale like a true zen master. Now close your eyes and say “ohm-mmmm.”

bonus trivia to impress your friends

Ohm was named for German physicist and teacher Georg Simon Ohm, a burly man with an impressive head of hair. (Look him up, he’s boyband material.) 

The symbol Ω was suggested for his measurement because ohm sounds kinda like omega, represented by Ω in the Greek alphabet and literally meaning, “great O.”

So go on, have yourself a great O with turn cannabis! (Sorry, had to.)

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