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// November 15, 2023 //

WTF was the tokyo rosé giveaway?







behind the scenes of turn’s first vacation giveaway

Once upon a time (okay, early 2023), we launched a HUGE giveaway – the tokyo rosé vacay giveaway. The package included airfare for two to Tokyo, a five-night hotel stay, $500 fun money, and tons of turn swag for the trip.

It went a little something like this: 

The powers that be at turn wanted to craft a special bespoke flavor for our first 50/50 hybrid. All they had to go off were a few choice words: luxurious, sparkling, rosé, Tokyo, and pink. 

Naturally, it took about a half dozen attempts to get to our final perfected version of tokyo pink rosé. Once we did, it was on.

The crew at turn HQ all signed a unique pink instant winner ticket, took it to our manufacturing plant, and slipped it into a tokyo pink rosé package at random. Was it in a turn disposable vape pen? Perhaps a turn podpak pod? Nobody could say. 

From there, the unassuming little ticket made its way to a random retailer where it would be sold to a very lucky customer. With 25,000 tokyo pink rosé units in circulation, the odds were steep. 

So we waited. And waited. Annnnd waited. Then we started to panic — did the winner throw the ticket away, not realizing what they held in their hands?

We distracted ourselves by giving away loads of limited edition tokyo pink podpaks, merch, freebies, and more to support the giveaway. 

At long last, in early October, we received a text with a photo of that elusive winning ticket. Someone had won! 

the happy ending

The lucky winner came forward with a legitimately wild story. She had gone to her dispensary of choice, where she decided on a whim to try a brand-new flavor recommended by the wellness associate. When they reached for the closest package on the shelf, she felt an inexplicable urge to stop them and ask for a different box. She felt drawn to the one in the middle, having no idea it held the key to Tokyo inside — or that a giveaway was even going on. 

Later, her son looked through the package and found the ticket. Mom wasn’t convinced it meant anything; but he pushed her to reach out, just to be sure. What if it was legit?

Oh, it was legit. 

We celebrated the winner and her family with the tokyo rosé soiree, an evening of celebration complete with eats, sips, laughs, and great friends. We announced that the trip would include airfare and hotel for three rather than two; this way, the whole family could make memories together. 

But what of the mysterious store that sold the ticket?

raise your glass to elevation 2477′ 

The employees at the store that sold the winning ticket, Elevation 2477′, were also VIPs at the tokyo rosé soiree. We showered them with tasty treats, bevs, and a night of unforgettable fun.

Elevation 2477′ was one of the first retailers to commit to selling tokyo pink rosé in their stores, paving the way for others to follow. They took a chance on turn — how perfect that they ended up being the store that sold the winning ticket. 

Congratulations, Elevation 2477′! We’re so grateful for you. 

Follow Elevation 2477′ (CA) here.

but wait, there’s more…

We’re still going. The next giveaway is already in the works; we’re sending a lucky winner to a brand-new locale. Hint: This sought-after travel destination is in a different hemisphere than Japan…

coming 2024 
it’s your turn 

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