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// June 03, 2024 //

wtf is turn x To The Moon?









Prepare for liftoff.

turn is proud to have teamed up with To The Moon to create one-of-a-kind, out of this world cannabis concentrate flavors that help spark creativity and joy for everyone — especially the underdogs who need a lift.

who is To The Moon?

Created by Bushwick, New York resident Gazoo, To The Moon began as a simple yet profound graffiti tag.

Gazoo is a well-known graffiti tagger respected throughout the five boroughs for bombing with spray paint. Gazoo came up with the “To The Moon” tag that became extremely popular on social media to motivate people.

The phenomenon caused many to want to wear it, tattoo it, and even shave the tag into their heads. In 2018, Gazoo decided to partner up with some friends and turn “To The Moon” into a lifestyle brand.

The To The Moon brand is focused on representing a uplifting experiences that will inspire, guide, and motivate folks unique ways of life. They design and produce a wide range of garments, furniture, art, and accessories that can sometimes be limited editions. They also collaborate and partner with other brands for special projects. Which brings us to…

turn x To The Moon limited release flavors

We live to support the true creative souls of this world. Now it’s your turn to go to the moon.

We’ve been in the shadows for so long, underdogs for damn near a lifetime. Sometimes all we need is a friend, a community, for that support to ultimately reach the destination we so desperately need to get to. Once we’re there, it’s stratospheric.

A one-way ticket to cosmic freedom, right here on earth. Found within ourselves, helped along by others. It’s beautiful. This was the inspiration behind our collaboration with To The Moon.

Crafted by Melo and Joshua, the master formulators at The Flavor Lab, each of these flavors for turn’s botanica blends line leverages TRUtaste technology using 100% tested, clean, single-source cannabis oil for a vegan and non-GMO experience. This is the first creative collab between two rising brands, where art meets science with four new limited edition turnpods in custom packaging.

Our high-potency oil is formulated with the most unique and exciting flavors in the industry. We use expertly extracted single-source, sustainably farmed flower.

Here’s a deeper dive into the taste profiles:

mars melon | indica

turn x to the moon botanica blend flavor mars melon cannabis vape pod

Taste notes:

Delight in the rich, sweet interplay of orange and ripe cantaloupe. This blend captures the essence of melons with a hint of the exotic, evoking a journey across the red landscapes of Mars.

pluto punch | indica

turn x to the moon botanica blend flavor pluto punch cannabis vape pod

Taste notes:

Experience the electrifying combination of classic fruit punch with layers of cherry and strawberry. This vibrant mix offers a shockingly tart and refreshingly sweet encounter, perfect for an energetic uplift.

galactic guava | hybrid 50/50

turn x to the moon botanica blend flavor galactic guava cannabis vape pod

Taste notes:

A fusion of tart pink guava with the subtle sharpness of green apple creates a taste sensation that lifts the spirits to the outer reaches of the galaxy, offering a refreshing escape with every puff.

electric lemonade | sativa

turn x to the moon botanica blend flavor electric lemonade cannabis vape pod

Taste notes:

Indulge in a complex concoction of raspberry lemonade blended with the zest of lemon, blue raspberry, and blueberry. This flavor profile offers a fantastically fruity and galactic fusion, leading to a stellar sensory awakening.

Find our stellar limited-edition releases in a store near you.

It’s your turn.

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