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// October 31, 2023 //

what are turn botanica blends?






Creative cookery, emotional alchemy, unique flavor + effect profiles — yup, we’re talking about botanica blends, our most customizable cannabis oil.

[ICYMI, cannabis concentrates are distillations of the cannabis plant. By isolating cannabinoids and terpenes (the compounds responsible for psychoactive and physical effects, aroma, and flavors), you get a pure, highly potent substance perfect for vaping, dabs, edibles, and more.] 

explain it like I’m five: WTF are botanica blends?

botanica blends are one of turn’s proprietary lines of cannabis concentrates. We extract these bespoke blends using high heat — much like essential oils. 

By removing impurities, unwanted flavors and aromas, we isolate THC from other terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids, etc. Then we add natural botanical compounds to create specialized combinations you can’t find anywhere else. We can make any flavor or aroma AND influence the high. Pretty sweet, yeah?

Once you expel everything you don’t want, you’re left with THC levels in the 90%+ range and clean consistency. No matter what variables may have impacted the harvest, you can expect the same experience again and again with your favorite strains. 

how turn botanica blends are made

botanica blends have a special place in our hearts because we own the process from start to finish. They come to life in-house, where our terpologists go buck wild doing what they do best. 

Our weed whizkids begin by extracting crude oil from ground trim using the necessary fancy-schmancy cutting-edge equipment in a controlled environment. This is where we separate cannabinoids and other compounds from the plant material. 

Next comes winterization, a purification step during which we filter out byproducts like plant waxes, fats, lipids, and chlorophyll. Then we turn up the heat (decarboxylation) to turn THCA into the form you know and love — the THC that interacts with our receptors.

The last steps involve precise distillation using vacuum pressure and more heat. This is a highly specialized process only professionals can pull off. It takes serious know-how to untangle individual cannabinoids and terpenes from the THC-heavy extract you’re going for. 

That’s because separation happens based on boiling points and molecular weight. Nerd alert!

the look, taste, and feel of turn botanica blends

Remember that botanica blends are turn originals — what we describe may differ from distillates you find elsewhere. Love that for you!

A turn botanica blend is a golden, viscous, THC-loaded liquid packed into our proprietary flavor pods and turn disposable ready-to-vape pens. The taste and aroma are pristine, meaning no earthy, plant-reminiscent notes exist. Just you and the pure flavor of the strain. 

Because we use natural botanical terpenes to create scrumptious selections, there are no “fake-tasting” flavors unless that’s what we aim for. Speaking of…should we do strawberry pop-tarts? Asking for a friend. 

The “feel” of a botanica blend varies based on the balance of compounds we add. Rather than the natural entourage effect of the original plant, you get a curated experience AND the benefit of concentrated THC (if that’s your thing). Creative, alert, euphoric, tingly, sleepy…if you can dream it, we can do it. 

who should try turn botanica blends?

For tons of variety, high levels of THC, and lower price points compared to more labor-intensive concentrate types, botanica blends will serve you well.

If you prefer quickly dissipating scents, accurately dialed-in cannabinoid-to-terpene ratios, and versatility, this oil is for you!

are cannabis distillates low quality?

Short answer: Not here. Longer answer: Distillate is often considered “lower quality” because it comes from the ground trim of the plant. But — like with any other product you buy — quality, standards, and consistency are everything. 

There will, of course, be unscrupulous folks willing to compromise quality and trust. They’ll throw in artificial additives, mix and match oil from various sources, work with questionable farms, and ignore pesticide testing. 

Not so fun fact: CA state law allows manufacturers to include a minimum amount of pesticides and other harmful chemicals — as long as it’s under a certain threshold. That’s why you must go through a vetted, reputable, trustworthy company. The good news is there are a lot of incredible retailers out there. 

The world is your oyster for flavorful, wonderful, satisfying options. For turn-original concoctions held to the highest standards, go for botanica blends. It’s gonna be a good time!

are turn botanica blends safe?

Yep. Because we ensure it. 

turn botanica blends are crafted using a proprietary method from seed to pen to offer top-quality, safe, tested, clean oil. We only take single-source cannabis from trusted farms, grown and harvested to exacting criteria. 

Our creations are exclusive to us. Every blend is 100% original, vegan, non-GMO, free of artificial crud, tested, and cleared with “Non-Detects” for pesticides, heavy metals, etc.

Despite technically being able to sell oil with a pesticide reading below a certain legally acceptable threshold, turn only uses oil tested with “Non-Detects” for pesticides, heavy metals, etc. Because exactly ZERO people want crap in their cannabis. That would be crap-abis! 

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