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// May 06, 2024 //

unlocking the process: how to make live resin









Have you ever wanted to start producing your own forms of concentrate or even just try out a new process? Maybe you’ve been using old-fashioned dried cannabis for extraction, but you’ve heard how awesome live resin is in comparison so you want to try it out.

Live resin is the real deal. It has much more potent effects, and it’s packed with rich flavors and aromas that will most definitely impress your taste buds. It’s not just your taste buds that will notice the difference, either. Live resin is the best way to get a full-spectrum experience so you’re going to notice a difference in terms of potency, too.

Curious about how to make live resin from cannabis extracts? Check out this simple guide to see a breakdown of the process.

tools to make live resin

Before you can learn how to make live resin, you’ve got to get prepared with the right tools. Obviously, you need fresh cannabis, but that’s not all it takes. You can choose the cannabis that fits your flavor profile. This is a more complicated process than some extraction methods, so take the time to research and educate yourself so you can be fully prepared.

Making live resin does require some specialized equipment. Here is a quick look at what you need:

fresh cannabis


extraction tubing

collection dish

purging gear

proper safety gear

The method we share here will walk you through using a solvent. There are solventless extraction methods, too. If you prefer a cleaner approach, be sure to check those out! We recommend using a solventless extraction method if you can make it work.

The live resin process requires fresh cannabis buds rather than dried or cured buds. Those buds should be flash-frozen plants so they can be preserved right away after they are harvested. You can use whatever cannabis strain you prefer or experiment with different strains, too.

closeup of live resin bubble hash

For the solvent, most people use butane for cannabis resin extracts. Don’t just run out and buy the cheapest butane you can find, though. You don’t want it to harm your plant, so go for a high-purity butane. The specialized equipment includes an extraction tube, collection dish, and purging equipment. You may be able to purchase a kit that has all of these.

If you end up purchasing individual parts, there are some details to keep in mind. A stainless steel or glass extraction tube is your best option for safety purposes. This is going to hold the cannabis during extraction. You can use any non-stick collection dish. Just something small and durable will work. For purging, a vacuum pump or vacuum chamber will work well so you can remove residuals from the solvent.

And then there is safety gear. Please don’t try to be that person who thinks you are too good to need safety gear. You aren’t! The gear protects you and your cannabis plant matter so just use it. Make sure you have goggles, gloves, and plenty of ventilation.

first, the extraction

Extraction is the biggest part of the process and the first step to getting that live resin extraction you are after. Extraction is going to work like this:

  1. Prepare your cannabis.
  2. Load extraction tube.
  3. Complete extraction.
  4. Collect your extract.

The process isn’t over when the extract is collected. That’s just the end of the extraction process. There will be more to do after that. But, let’s look closer at how extraction goes.

live cannabis plant

Preparing your cannabis starts with harvesting or choosing your cannabis. This is fresh plant material so you should have it in your possession for extraction immediately following harvest. Prep the buds by trimming excess leaves. Remember, this is a fresh product. It can also be flash-frozen cannabis.

We know you know how to pack your cannabis already. So put those skills to work and pack the fresh bud into your extraction tube. Pack it evenly, but not too tight. You need some air in there so that the solvent can still flow easily.

Now it’s time to extract with your butane. Attach the extraction tube and butane canister and slowly push butane into the tube. You will want to do this slowly to stay safe. As the butane goes in, the cannabinoid profiles and natural terpene content will start to come out. It should be liquid. This is your extract.

To collect the extract, grab your collection dish and let the extract drip into that dish to collect it. A nectar collector works really well. Once you’ve got all the liquid collected, you can remove the extraction tube and get ready to purge your concentrate.

don’t skip purging and refining

Purging and refining the extract is just as important as extraction. The purging process helps to remove remnants of the solvent so that you don’t end up with contaminated products. Let’s be honest: Nobody wants to inhale butane, right? That is why so many companies have moved to solventless extraction. Remember that is still an option for you. However, if you go through a refining process, it does help remove those residuals.

To purge, grab your vacuum. This is where you will remove those residual solvents. If you have a purging chamber, this works well, too. If you’re making live resin at home for the first time, you probably don’t have a chamber. To purge, you need to apply vacuum pressure and heat at the same time. This will then evaporate what is left of the butane so that your live resin is clean and refined.

You will need to monitor the process during purging. You want to ensure the butane properly evaporates. You cannot expect the purging to be complete in a few minutes or even an hour. This takes a lot of time. Purging can take several hours at a minimum and may actually take several days to finish.

proper storage of live resin is also important

You’ve gone through all that work to extract and purge. You want your stuff to stay good until you use it all up. Proper storage will be absolutely crucial to ensure the quality doesn’t degrade and that your live resin remains safe and ready to use.

clean, empty jar

After you’re finished purging, find an airtight container that works for you. Just make sure it’s clean and truly is an airtight container. Move the resin with its sticky consistency into the container.

You can store that container in a cool, dark place and it will keep really well. Make sure you avoid any heat or direct sunlight as those will have negative effects. A pantry, cabinet, or any interior storage place that doesn’t get too warm will work great to maintain your potency and the quality of the live resin.

Your favorite resin concentrate brands have perfected storage to maintain the quality.

safety first

There are certain hazards to the extraction process, especially if you are using butane. More than anything else, you need to make sure that you are extracting in a well-ventilated area.

First of all, the potency of your cannabis could affect you, but the butane fumes are also something you don’t want to breathe in for an extended period. Some people choose to wear masks or respirators. This isn’t necessarily required, but always make sure you have ventilation.

Butane is also flammable. It’s not just a little bit flammable either, it is highly flammable. While the fumes are building up during extraction, the flammable risks increase. It will be absolutely essential to ensure there are no sparks or open flames while you use the butane or before the air has cleared out. You don’t want to accidentally set something off.

Don’t forget to wear your proper protective gear as well. Goggles and gloves are the bare minimum needed to protect you while you prepare, extract, and purge. Make sure you’re in a sterile environment as you want your live resin to be clean and pure to the best of your capabilities. Any contaminants or bacteria will affect your resin.

blue latex gloves

And finally, make sure you practice proper disposal of your butane cans and anything else that needs to be disposed of when you finish.

consider solventless extraction possibilities

If you purge correctly when you extract live resin, you can complete the process without leaving any traces of solvent in your product. However, a lot of people prefer to skip the solvents altogether. This is your choice to make and it can be done.

Live resin can be extracted without solvents using an ice or water method. The ice method is probably one of the most common choices. If solventless extraction appeals to you, look into the possibilities and see if you can make it work. Taking solvent out of the equation can be a huge win when it comes to the finished product compared to a solvent extraction process.


These tips on how to make live resin can be helpful if you are just getting started and want to know the basics. We’ve tried to break it down as much as possible to help you understand the simple steps and what you need. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast or just interested in creating your own extracts, this guide will help you work through the details.

Prioritize your safety, make sure you use quality cannabis strains, and enjoy different types of cannabis concentrates. Want to experience the quality of live resin without the work of doing it yourself? Check out our selection of high-quality live resin products today!

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