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// May 02, 2024 //

mastering the art: a comprehensive guide on how to use a vape pen








With vaping becoming more and more popular, it’s important to understand how to properly use and care for a vape pen. While it’s mostly self-explanatory, there are some tips that even seasoned vapers can benefit from.

It’s not just proper use, either. You need to know how to care for and clean your vape pen. This is especially important if you vape weed because neglecting cleaning will lead to burnt flavors.

Nobody wants that and you know it.

Check out this guide to better understand how to use a vape pen as well as tips on caring for, charging, and cleaning your vape pen, too. We got you!

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get to know the parts and pieces

Alright, before we get started, you need to understand the parts and pieces of a vape pen. There are different types of vape pens, but these terms are generic enough they work across the board. These are the main parts:

Battery or power source

Heating element

Cartridge or vape tank


Of course, your vape pen will probably have a power button and some settings that you can adjust, too. We will talk about settings more in a bit, so you can enjoy that vape juice.

The battery will vary. Some models are disposable vape pens, which means they aren’t meant to be charged. Other vape pens are rechargeable for the most part. They have a lithium battery or lithium ion battery that should last a while. Pay attention to the charge and how often you need to charge so you don’t run out of battery juice when you’re out and about.

The heating coil is where the magic happens. This element is sometimes called an atomizer. They mean the same thing. The heating element takes the weed or concentrate oil that you have in your tank and creates vapor production. It’s got a big job.

The cartridge, or tank, is what holds your vape juice. Depending on your preferences, you might have something like delta-8 THC or something totally different like a live rosin.

The truth is there are endless possibilities. Most of the time, the cartridge has an extracted oil form of the cannabis product in it, but there are some larger vape devices that you can put the plant matter in.

And then we have the mouthpiece. It’s where you put your mouth and inhale the vapor. You can find different mouthpieces, including a glass mouthpiece. These might affect your experience, so find something that is comfortable and won’t affect your product or intake.

choose the right vape cartridge

Alright, before you can start vaping, you need to choose a cartridge to put in your vape pen. Make sure you use a cartridge compatible with your vaporizer.

This is sometimes a hard process, especially if you are new to vaping weed. The thing is, there are a wide variety of options, and they can become overwhelming. It’s also ok to experiment and figure out the things you do or do not like.

Cartridges come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. We all have our preferences, so you should know that just because your bestie Joe likes a certain one doesn’t mean you will love it, too. These are some of the different types of cartridges you might come across:

Prefilled cartridge – already contains cannabis oil, the most common choice, so you don’t have to fill your own

Refillable cartridges – if you like DIY you can fill your cartridge as you please with what you please

Disposable cartridges – meant to be used until the oil is gone and then you throw it out and get a new one

This does not take into account different flavors or strains. That’s where your personal preference comes in. You should also know that your vape pen may not work with all of these cartridge options, so make sure you know your device.

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charge up the battery

When you buy a vape pen, it might have some charge with it. We recommend you charge it right out the gate to get it fully charged and ready to use. If you use a disposable vape pen, charging won’t be necessary. Otherwise, you likely have a rechargeable vape pen battery that is easy to track. 

Most vape pens just connect to a USB port or charger to make it easy. That means you can charge from anywhere. You can plug that USB into a wall port or just a USB port in your car if you want.

All vape pens are going to have different charging needs, but there should be some sort of indicator or light that shows when you are charging and when the battery is fully charged, too.

When you do charge, charging to 100% will ensure you get the best performance when you use your vape pen.

ready for activation

We’re almost there in our journey of how to vape. Let’s walk through activating your vape pen. Don’t roll your eyes, it’s not always just as easy as pressing the power button. Remember that different vape pens work in different ways – there’s magic in the heating chamber!

For example, if you buy a vape pen that is activated by drawing from the mouthpiece, you will never find the power button you are searching for. It’s not defective, it just works differently.

Some people feel the added step of a button is just a nuisance, so push-button vape pens are not for them. Then there are the ones who forget to push the button only to be disappointed when they take a hit. Ultimately, one is not better than the other. It just depends on what you like or prefer.

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get the settings just right

Don’t inhale yet! You need to get your settings right. Of course, you might best know how to adjust your settings if you do inhale and see where you are at. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all for the right heat settings, either. Your settings are going to depend on what you need or want from your vaping experience. It might also depend on what you have in your cartridge.

If you haven’t vaped long (or at all), we recommend low and slow. Start with lower temperatures and take it slow to see what works best for you.

If you have a product like live rosin, this is naturally pretty potent, so you may want to start pretty low to see how well you tolerate it. Generally speaking, the higher the temperature, the more potent your experience will likely be.

You might also be able to adjust the airflow for the vapor. Using a lower setting will allow for your draw to be smoother. Play around with the different settings and watch indicator lights if there are any. You can like more than one setting, too. These are the things you will figure out as you become familiar with vaping and the different products, strains, and flavors you try out.

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ready, set, inhale

Alright, it’s go time! You know everything you need to know. You’ve picked out your vape pen, you’ve figured out your settings and your dosage, and it’s time to just enjoy the results. Easy peasy!

Typically, you only need one to three puffs from a vape pen to get the desired results. Whether you’re looking for therapeutic effects or psychoactive effects, a little bit goes a long way. Don’t overdo it. Give your body time to adjust and feel the effects and then you can take another puff if you need to.

taking care of your vape pen

Finally, let’s talk about care and maintenance. These details will help keep your vape pen running like it’s meant to for quite some time. 

You should be cleaning the vape pen regularly. Cleaning includes the cartridge, the heating element, and the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece in particular is often overlooked, but it can get buildup or residue or bacteria, so sanitize it from time to time.

Take the pen apart and clean anywhere there is oil or residue. You will also want to clean around the heating element. If residue gets burnt on there, it will affect your flavor profiles when you vape. You can use alcohol or water to help with cleaning.

Always look for any signs of damage or corrosion when you’re cleaning. These may be signs that components are wearing out or need to be replaced.


Enjoy this simple guide on how to use a vape pen. It has all the basic details to get you started and helps you have a great experience. When you follow these simple tips and take the time to figure out the experience you want to have, you will have great results.

Remember that your preferences will be unique, so test things out and determine what you love. It’s going to be great.

Looking for quality vaping products? We can help! Check out our wide selection of vape pens and pods today!

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