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// March 20, 2024 //

live resin vs cured resin: understanding the differences






What do you know about live resin and cured resin? If you are a cannabis connoisseur, you’ve probably heard these two terms, but do you really understand what they mean? What you need to know more than anything is that they are not interchangeable. If you hear someone acting like they mean the same thing–they don’t know what they are talking about.

Live resin and cured resin are very different and use different extraction methods to create the final result. That final result is two distinctly different products and you may decide that you prefer one over the other when you truly understand them. Cannabis enthusiasts are going to notice the differences. Check out our guide to live resin vs cured resin to learn more about the differences!

what the heck is live resin?

What do you look for in your cannabis concentrates? If the aromas and the flavors are a major draw for you, then live resin is your choice. Live resin is well known for the flavor and aroma profiles that come from the terpene profile. It’s so much like the fresh plant thanks to the extraction process.

Live resin is extracted using a flash-frozen cannabis plant, which is why it is so exceptional and so aromatic. Since the cannabis plant is freshly harvested, you get the best of its essence. For live resin extraction, fresh cannabis buds are quickly frozen and then extraction begins right away.

Flash-freezing the marijuana plant instantly preserves the freshest details. This way the plant doesn’t lose any of its profile. Like any other plant, degradation would begin almost immediately after harvest. Freezing it stops that from happening, so you can extract the best of the plant for the live resin. This is what sets live resin apart from other forms of concentrate as well as cured resin.

The preservation of the plant ensures a broader spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes profiles remain intact for a more authentic flavor. Many of the volatile compounds are retained through live resin while they are often lost with cured resin. In fact, that’s why we call it live resin, because it helps to maintain and capture the essence of the live plant.

Basically, it all comes down to more complex flavor profiles more than any other detail. Consider it a mature flavor.

marijuana plant

what the heck is cured resin?

If you hear someone just say the word “resin” and they don’t specify live or cured resin, they most likely mean cured resin. In layman’s terms, cured resin is just regular resin. For cured resin, they use cured cannabis flowers. This means the flowers were harvested and then dried and cured before they ever began the extraction process for the resin concentrate. It’s a common practice. Many producers produce more cured resin because it is simpler to simply dry and cure the buds and then store it until they can extract it. However, in doing so, they do lose some of the impressive elements and potency. The biggest noticeable difference is going to be aroma and flavor, but it doesn’t make it bad resin.

The curing process is very important if you are not going to freeze the fresh plant. It’s the curing process that helps to remove moisture which will degrade the product. With curing, manufacturers are better able to activate the THC psychoactive effects of the resin as well. The most important thing is that the dried and cured plants are properly stored. The plant will lose some of the terpene content from curing, which means the flavor and aroma profile are going to be different, even if it’s harvested from the same plant.

cured resin

live resin vs cured resin: there is a difference

There are some key differences between these two methods. They can both be great in their own ways and you may prefer the lighter aroma of cured resin as opposed to the bold flavor and rich profiles of the live resin. The good news is that the choice is yours to make.

The primary differences to be aware of are:

aroma and flavor
terpene content and cannabinoids

So, let’s break it down more.

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aroma and flavor

There is no subtle change between the flavors of live resin and cured resin. The truth is that the final flavor and aroma profiles are very different from each other. With live resin, the flavors and aromas are as close to the fresh plant as possible thanks to flash freezing. This means with live resin, you’re going to experience bolder and richer profiles from the preserved terpene profile. The smells will be strong and the concentrate will be packed with flavor.

On the other hand, cured resin is going to be milder. It still maintains some of the essence of the live plant, but it cuts back the boldness. It will have a lighter flavor and aroma profile, which is because of the loss of some of the terpene content from curing.

terpene and cannabinoid

We’ve made it pretty clear that all of the differences between live resin vs cured resin boil down to how the plant materials are preserved during the process. With live resin, the fresh plant is frozen immediately. This maintains more of the terpene content and natural cannabinoids and that’s why it’s better for a full spectrum experience. The flash freezing process takes the plant matter elements and preserves them as they are, right at that moment.

When a marijuana plant is dried and cured, it naturally loses some of those freshness elements. It doesn’t remove the quality of the plant; it simply changes the state of the plant which will affect the potency and flavor profile when it’s time to extract the concentrate.


Cured resin and live resin also have a different finish. This makes sense when you consider the plant is in a different form when you extract, right? Live resin comes from a fresh plant that has been frozen. The concentrate is syrupy and thick. It’s a liquid form. The full texture can vary a little bit, but the general idea is that it’s like a thick syrup.

Cured resin is not like that. Have you heard of budder or shatter? These are cured resins. It’s a more waxy-type finish rather than a liquid finish. It can be brittle or soft, but it’s still waxy in nature and closer to a solid form. The variance in texture might make a difference in use.


Finally, the ultimate difference is that live resin and cured resin are produced in very different ways. If you want to produce live resin from your harvest, it’s a more complicated procedure. You will need specialized equipment and you will likely need some training or guidance as well. You have to be very careful to preserve the plant and extract it properly. Anyone can do it, but it’s more difficult, which is why it is less common.

If you’re into the simple solutions, then cured resin is simpler. Just remember you lose some of the potency in following that process. You don’t lose quality; it just changes the resin details. The extraction process is simpler and while you still need the specialized tools for extraction, it’s easier and not as time-sensitive to produce.

dried cannabis bud

which should you choose?

How do you choose whether live resin or cured resin is right for you? Technically, there is nothing that says you can’t enjoy them both. You just should know that they aren’t the same thing. The one that you choose at any given time is going to solely depend on your individual preference.

If you prefer more potency or richer flavors and aromas, then obviously a live resin concentrate is the better choice. If you prefer something milder like for therapeutic benefits, but you don’t want the hearty flavors or aromas, then cured resin is your winner.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer here for your cannabis experience. The question is whether you want a full spectrum experience or a milder experience. Keep in mind that finding live resin might be more difficult, or come at a premium price, just because of the production differences. If you can’t get your hands on live resin at the time, there is nothing wrong with settling for cured resin products.

Don’t forget to think about how you intend to consume your cannabis, either. Live resin is great for a vape pen or dabbing, thanks to the syrupy texture. Cured resin can also be used for dabbing and vaping, but it sometimes is even more versatile for consumption because of the different texture.

final thoughts

In closing, when you look at live resin vs cured resin, there are major differences between the two. They are both pretty unique and preferred by different segments of the cannabis community. It’s up to you to choose which one you will use and when. Like we mentioned earlier, there is nothing that says you can’t enjoy both. It’s simply about understanding the options so you can make an informed decision to have the best cannabis experience possible.

Which one will you choose as a cannabis connoisseur? Maybe you will go to both depending on your needs. No matter what you choose, check out our variety of high-quality live resin flavors and experience the difference for yourself!

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