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// May 09, 2024 //

is vaping weed healthier than smoking? a comprehensive discussion








The cannabis market has always been a controversial one. Much like the cigarette market, there is a lot of debate over what is or is not healthy. In recent years, technology has brought us equipment like dab pens and vape devices that allow us to enjoy our cannabis products without having to smoke them. And the controversies continue, right?

Now, the big question remains whether weed vape is better than smoking. You will find arguments for both sides of the coin here. Most people agree that vaping is better for you, but there are some who still believe smoking to be a healthier choice. In this guide, we will take a look at both sides of this question and share in a discussion over which is or is not better for you.

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smoking vs. vaping: what’s the difference?

To understand which is or is not better, we need to fully understand the differences between the two. Smoking and vaping arrive at the same results, but they use different processes to make it happen.

For example, smoking weed uses plant matter from the flower that is placed into a device and then lit. The heat of the lit product creates a high temperature that will combust the materials and produce smoke. You then inhale that smoke into your lungs to take a hit. The argument is that the smoke could contain harmful compounds, like carcinogens or tar, which is terrible for your lungs.

Vaping, on the other hand, uses a cannabis oil that is extracted from the marijuana flower and then concentrated to create many different oil blends that you can choose from. When you use a vape, it has a heating element that heats the oil to a temperature that will vaporize it. The heating element does not burn the matter, which means it likely will not combust the materials as physical smoking does. When you inhale, you inhale the vapor from the heated oil.

so what are the risks exactly?

The risks can vary. Anybody who smokes or vapes anything is well aware of the risks of what they are doing. We get it, it’s a bad habit… blah, blah, blah. But why not choose the lesser of two evils, right?

If you are hell-bent on enjoying your cannabis one way or another, choosing the least risky option is probably your best bet. Ultimately, it’s your call, but we’re just sharing the answer to your question. Why else would you be here if you weren’t curious about it?

We got you there, huh? But we digress. Let’s talk about the risks.

smoking risks

The risks of smoking marijuana all have to do with damage from the smoke inhalation as well as the added toxins that you could be inhaling. Smoking can be hazardous for you inhaling it but also for others who are exposed to secondhand smoke.

The statistics say that a large number of people will die because of complications related to smoking habits. We know that smoking is one of the highest causes of cancer, specifically lung cancer. It’s not necessarily the nicotine that is harmful, but rather the toxins that are combined with that in the cigarette. There are things like heavy metals, vitamin E acetate, nicotine products, and more that cause negative effects of smoking.

The same concept comes out in smoking weed. When you smoke weed, you are burning the herb. While marijuana is a natural herb (which makes it safer than cigarettes), you still have the health risks of combustion of those materials and what that does to your lungs, as well as the possibility of toxins being in the product.

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Cannabis smoking, even medical marijuana, and combusting the plant matter can lead to chronic poor lung health, including severe lung disease. Think about it like this. You are inhaling a burning product’s smoke into your lungs. You know it has the herb plant, but you know nothing else about what you are inhaling beyond that. Besides that, the combustion process that creates the smoke is damaging when you inhale that smoke.

According to the CDC, the act of smoking marijuana can lead to lung damage, increase your risk of bronchitis, and scar the small blood vessels in and around your lungs. They also mention that inhaling these combusted materials could potentially increase your risk for vascular diseases, heart disease, and stroke.

vaping risks

Using a vape pen is not without its risks, but there are also benefits to vaping when you compare the two to each other. Overall, most authorities declare vaping to be the better choice, despite the potential risks.

When you vape, the oil is turned to vapor rather than heated to the point of combustion. This allows it to be smoother when you inhale and less harmful too. Now let’s be clear. Studies show that vaping to replace cigarettes may not truly be a healthier option. However, when it comes to marijuana, there are so many fewer additives that it’s not nearly as dangerous to mess around with.

There are still risks because you are inhaling vapor into your lungs and therefore could harm your lungs doing so. Yet, the reduction of temperature that transitions to vapor instead of combusted cannabis smoke does make a difference. The risks of vaping weed are lower but still exist. The cannabis flower doesn’t have the harmful additives that electronic cigarettes do. 

The most common risk that you face is the potential for respiratory issues. Vaping can irritate your lungs and affect your respiratory system in doing so. This is more likely to happen if you vape at higher temperatures. The higher the temperature, the more damage you are capable of doing. Remember, that it’s the temperature difference that makes vaping a better choice than smoking to begin with.

The potential for lung damage is there with vaping as well. The damage is more likely to occur over long-term effects and heavy use of vaping devices. Again, this may depend on how you vape and the temperatures you use. Each individual is different too and some may be more susceptible to complications than others.

You also need to be mindful of what is in your vape cartridge. Most of the time, it is just the concentrated oil of cannabis. However, with low-quality products, you could also be inhaling other harmful substances and not realize it. This is where looking for high-quality products is essential. Quality control is a sizable concern.

The challenge is that much of the industry is still unregulated. This means that producers don’t have to be forthright with what they put in your vape cartridge. You can protect yourself by ensuring you get quality products or even looking for third-party testing for purity and potency. These are good reassurance of quality and a product less likely to have any harmful toxins in it.

The unfortunate truth is there are many companies out there just looking to make a quick buck and they will create whatever will sell, with no care about your health. It’s up to you to take the initiative to protect yourself.

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the benefits of vaping weed

Now, we think we have established that when given the choice between smoking or vaping weed, vaping is the better choice overall for your health. When you compare them, the benefits stand strong on the vaping side.

So let’s look at some of those health benefits.

Reduced exposure to harmful chemicals with no tar or carcinogens in cannabis

Vaping allows for temperature control so you can maintain a lower, safer temperature than the combustion temperatures of smoking

Less lung irritation, even with the potential of damage with prolonged use

Ability to customize your experience

Vaping weed is less likely to cause lung irritation and it’s less likely to have you inhaling dangerous chemicals even with the fact that a cannabis plant is a dry herb. When you vape with the right temperatures, you get much better flavors and potency levels. It’s more consistent overall because it’s not just burning and being exhumed from the combustion that smoking causes.

There are still emerging studies on vaping. The truth of the matter is that it’s still relatively new compared to smoking, which has been around forever now. However, even with the studies that are being conducted, you will find that the risks of vaping are reduced compared to the risks of smoking weed.

We have a high understanding of the risks of smoking and it’s been labeled as hazardous for a very long time. Most studies to date reflect that vaping reduces your exposure to toxins and reduces the likelihood of you experiencing chronic respiratory ailments as well.

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In the question of is weed vape better than smoking we discover that each method of cannabis consumption has its pros and cons. There is nothing that guarantees safety from choosing one over the other. However, these same details do show that vaping is less likely to cause significant health effects or respiratory side effects.

The final choice remains completely up to you. Always look for quality products to protect yourself the best you can. Understanding purity and how important it is to purchase quality products is the best way to ensure you don’t experience many of the associated risks with vaping.

Ready to use a high-quality vaping solution? Check out our selection of products you can trust today!

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