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// June 03, 2024 //

indica vs sativa vape pen: tailoring your cannabis experience









When it comes to enjoying your cannabis, there are quite a few different choices. There are so many different hybrid strains and while you might be familiar with some of them, it can be a challenge to keep up with the different terminology.

Here’s the thing, while some hybrid strains might be similar, they are still all unique in some way and they offer you something different in terms of effects or benefits. 

In this guide, we are going to focus on two strains. Our guide to indica vs sativa vape pens will break down these two popular choices and what they each may mean for your vaping experience. Take a look below to learn more. 

turn powdered donuts disposable cannabis vape pen indica hybrid

indica vs sativa vape pen: a quick look 

In a moment, we will dig into each of these more closely, but let’s start with just a quick look at the difference between these two hybrid strains. 

Indica: a top choice for evening and nighttime use thanks to relaxing and sedative effects. A top choice for things like stress, insomnia, and pain relief. 

Sativa: The energizing and uplifting benefits make this great for daytime use. Some people appreciate the benefits of focus and creativity as well as sociability from using this one. 

As we get into the details, you will find that even the appearance of the plant and how it flowers is different between the two types of cannabis plants. They are unique in their own right. 

indica vape pens

Indica is well-known for providing calming effects. Most people use these cannabis plants to help calm themselves from anxiety or when they need to relax to get a good night’s rest. It certainly can make someone tired so it’s recommended for nighttime or evening use when you don’t have any remaining responsibilities for your day. 

In strains that use indica, the producers often work to preserve the specific terpenes and cannabinoids that provide these desired effects. When it comes to something like cannabis oil, this is very important to achieve the desired and known results of the strain. 

a look at the plant matter

When you compare the plants of indica and sativa, they are very different from the get-go. Indica grows much shorter and thicker than sativa. The plant leaves grow closer together with short stems. They still have the indicative seven leaves of a marijuana plant, but they are conjoined much closer even on the individual leaf. The green leaves are also broad so it looks much thicker altogether. 

When planted, indica has a short flowering cycle. These are commonly planted in areas that have short seasons or tend to have cooler climates. They thrive well in these areas. 

Indica plants have a lot of myrcene, which is a specific terpene profile that provides the sedative effects of the plant. These are common for calming uses. They are much easier to extract and process because of their thick leaves. 

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benefits of indica

Indica certainly stands out for certain things, just like other strains do. Of course, even from the indica plant, many different strains have been created. The strains evolved from how the terpenes and cannabinoids were extracted for use in a vape pen. Indica will likely make you tired, but many people consider this one of the benefits and use it for that reason. 

Let’s look at the benefits. 

Relaxation: indica vape pens help users relax, which can release tension that causes other ailments. The relaxation allows you to unwind so you can relax and likely get a good night’s sleep too. 

Pain relief: Indica is often used for pain relief because it has analgesic properties. With the combination of calm and relaxation and the ability to relieve pain, it is often nicknamed “painkiller.” Common symptoms for relief include chronic pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms. 

Stress reduction: Indica promotes a calm mind and eases anxiety, making it great for someone who faces a lot of stress or anxiety. Enjoy the benefits of tranquility and mental clarity as medical benefits from this type of cannabis. 

Many of these benefits work together so a user can experience calm, relaxation, and solid sleep too. When you can clear your mind and rest, your body operates so much more efficiently as it is. 

cannabis plants grown outside

sativa vape pens

Sativa vape pens are almost the exact opposite of indica when you think about it. Where indica calms, relaxes, and makes you tired, sativa strains will invigorate, uplift, and make you energetic. The plant will look much different here as well, which we will talk about in a moment. When the plant is harvested, the effects are far different. 

When producers extract from the plant to create sativa cannabis oil, they typically work to pull out very specific terpenes in cannabis and cannabinoids that are focused on the desired qualities of energizing effects and refreshment. They work hard to get the extraction just right to appropriately reflect the sativa hybrid cannabis strains.

Much like indica, you will find there are many different sativa strains all created from the same plant. The differences typically have to do with various extraction methods or focuses. For example, you can use sativa CBD that has little THC. Or you can focus on a higher THC profile and experience the benefits of that paired with the energizing effects. 

a look at the plant matter 

When you compare the plants, it’s a vast difference. Sativa strains of marijuana flower are tall and display narrow leaves that are more spread out. When you see a marijuana plant drawing, it often looks much more like this type of plant. The narrow leaves lead to a larger plant overall that appears more spread out. 

This plant type offers a longer flowering cycle and does great in warm climates with a long season. They tend to thrive in warmer climates, but the longer flowering cycle also makes it more challenging to pinpoint timing. Since they have a long growing cycle, it’s important to be prepared for the timing. 

Did you know that a sativa plant can sometimes grow to be 20 feet tall? This is far taller than the traditional 5-6 feet of indica. Most sativa strains hold citrusy and spicy notes, which are the factors that lead to invigoration and uplifting from the plant. 

benefits of sativa

Where indica stands out mostly for calming and rest, sativa is known for uplifting and energy. It’s a great choice for treating depression, among other options out there because of the effects of cannabis from sativa. Just like other options, it has its benefits that people know and choose it for. Let’s take a look at those. 

Energy boost: mental stimulation and energy boosts are what this plant is known for. It can help someone focus, experience creativity, and get things done in ways they may not have thought possible. It’s the stimulating effects that work so well. Who needs caffeine? 

Mood enhancement: With the ability to improve moods, this choice is very common for depression symptoms. The strains typically boost moods toward happiness or euphoria. It can be a top choice for social gatherings or when you just want to have a good time. 

Cognitive clarity: Because of the ability to help a person focus and be creative, the cognitive benefits are perhaps one of the top draws to this cannabis strain. Need a creative spark or a boost in productivity? Try this. 

sativa cannabis plants

choosing the right varieties of cannabis

Here’s the thing, there is nothing that says one is better than the other in the cannabis industry. They simply have different chemical compositions. In fact, they have far different uses so the thing to remember is that they can both be great in their ways, right? You just need to understand the differences so you can identify what you need and when to use which option, right? 

Obviously, if you’re looking for energy then you are going to want to avoid using indica. It’s going to have the opposite effect. And if you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, you’re going to be quite disappointed with the effects of using sativa. 

This is why it is so important to get to know the different strains and types of plants out there. How can you get the desired effects of your cannabis products if you don’t know what the effects of that particular option are supposed to be? So many assume that all strains of cannabis are the same. The stereotype that they all give you the munchies and put you to sleep is a major misconception. 

Now, even though different plants and strains have different focuses and functionality, people do respond to them differently. The distinction is there to guide you, but the personal effects cannabis has on you could vary slightly as well. 


Looking at indica vs sativa vape pen reminds us that every option is unique in its way. What we choose to use should depend on our needs or desires at the time and being familiar is pretty important to get the desired effects. When it comes to vape pen choices, some unique formulations and concentrates may also impact your experience so consider all the details when you are making a selection. 

Explore a wide range of cannabis options to meet your needs. Check out our vape pen products today!

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