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// May 02, 2024 //

does weed vape smell? uncovering the truth









A lot of people have turned to weed vapes because they are compact, portable, and discreet. When you compare a vaping product to the alternative of smoking the product, you notice some major differences that help you enjoy your plant materials the way you like them and in perfect peace.

When you smoke weed, everyone around you knows it and people notice the smell of marijuana later too.

But when you use a vaping device do you have the same issues? Does weed vape smell? Dive into uncovering the truth with us as we break it down in the guide below. Learn about the odors and things that might contribute to any odors too. We’ve got you.

Man in a Hoodie Vaping Outside

the basics of weed vape odors

We meant it when we said that weed vape devices are discreet. Aside from the obvious factors, like the fact that you aren’t carrying around a weed or a blunt, other things contribute to the discretion factor here. And it is these very things that have made vaping weed so popular, to begin with.

Now, here’s the thing. You cannot expect vaping cannabis products to be 100% odorless. There is going to be some sort of odor when you vaporize a product, inhale it, and then blow that smoke all over the place around you. But what you should notice is that the odor is not nearly as pungent. It also doesn’t linger nearly as long as traditional smoking methods.

What you inhale is a vapor and the smoke that puffs out of your mouth is also a vapor. That is why it doesn’t linger very long. It dissipates quickly and it doesn’t stick to your clothing either.

But that’s not all. Some factors may cause odors to be stronger or lighter too.

what affects the weed vape smell?

You will find that different flavors, strains, or types of cannabis oil in your vape cartridge will potentially impact the odor. That’s what we’re going to talk about now. Even temperature and airflow can play a role here so let’s dive into these factors:






Listen, that apple fritter flavor that you love so much probably won’t smell exactly like apple fritters when it hits the air. But the good news is that the flavor will help adjust the odors and it will have hints of apple, cinnamon, and baked goodness. The odor of the flavor can help disguise the odor of the cannabis in many cases.

Not only will that apple fritter make you hungry, but it smells good too. Most flavors will help to disguise the scent of weed, which is pretty noticeable. Will they mask it completely? Probably not, but they might help make the flavor the stronger part of the scent overall.

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The strain of your cannabis flower could impact the odors that come from vaping too. You see, all the different strains have very different properties. Some are more potent, some are more aromatic, and some are much lighter.

When you consider something like live resin, these are known for potency. These strains are considered highly potent. You can say the same for Delta-8, diamonds, and other similar strains too. The fact is that every strain has a unique potency, flavor, and scent. They will all have the underlying scent of marijuana but how strong that is may well depend on the strain.

Some strains can be quite subtle, but some strains are very noticeable and harder to mask or disguise. When you vaporize the contents, the odors remain a part of the strain. Some people choose strains because they like their aromatic tendencies. It’s just important to note that weed vape options of certain strains absolutely will have a strong smell of cannabis compared to others.

A lot of that aroma comes from the terpenes within the organic compounds.


The temperature settings of your vaping device will impact the odors as well. Typically, when you use higher temperatures from your heating element, you vaporize your cannabis oil at a stronger level. Higher temperatures equal higher potency and often strengthen the distinct smells when you use the vape.

If you’re specifically trying to be as discreet as possible, you will have much better luck if you use a lower temperature setting. This will reduce the effects to make them milder, but it also helps to reduce any possible aromas that come from your vaping. Lower temperatures create lower and milder odors. Higher temperatures will create strong scents that are more pronounced.

When you compare a high temperature with a potent strain, the distinctive smells are going to be even stronger. Some of these factors are impacted doubly when paired together so keep that in mind.


The airflow of your vape device matters. Some vape pens allow you to adjust the airflow so you can control your potency and intake. If you use a higher airflow setting, it produces more vapor for you to inhale and puff out in a cloud. With more vapor blown out around you, there is more likely to be a noticeable smell of some sort that comes with it.

When your device uses a lower airflow setting, then the air that you inhale and exhale is also reduced. It’s all about the density of the vapor and how much is released around you.

The airflow in the environment around you is another thing we want to touch on. For example, if you are in a small, confined space then the odors may be more noticeable. If you are outside or in an open area, then nobody may even notice your vaping odor. Good ventilation and open surroundings are going to make a big difference.

how does weed vaping compare to smoking odors?

Now, when you compare the odors of your weed vaporizers to that of smoking, you’re going to notice a difference. The thing is that smoking presents a stronger and longer-lasting odor. This odor can cling to your clothes, your hair, and materials around you. Sometimes those odors are nearly impossible to get rid of. Dry herb vaporizers are going to be similar.

On the other hand, vaping odors go into the air and then dissipate. While they may be present, they are often quite temporary. Where smoking odors linger and cling, vaping odors do not linger and they do not cling. They dissipate and disseminate quickly. Within a few minutes of vaping, those odors are typically gone.

Why the difference? Well, they are two very different methods of enjoying your cannabis plant. Traditional smoking burns the materials at a much higher heat. The burning is what releases the odors and causes them to linger. With vaping, it’s a lower temperature, even with high-temperature settings. And because it’s a vapor, it dissipates more easily.

Woman Vaping in a Dark Room

how to minimize weed vaporizer odors

So, how do you minimize those odors if you want the ultimate discretion? You take caution in what you use and how you use it. If you are concerned about being “caught in the act” then you might be better off waiting until you aren’t in a place where it matters that much.

There are some steps you can take to help mask or reduce your vaping odors. Here are a few:

Choose strains with milder odors

Try a flavored strain

Vape outdoors or in well-ventilated areas

Keep your vaping device clean and maintained

There are also a lot of methods that people use to help cover up odors that work well. One of the most common solutions is to make a sploof or purchase a similar device. This is a filtration device that uses a charcoal filter to help ensure the odor isn’t released.

With a sploof, you exhale into this filter, rather than into the air around you. If you aren’t exhaling into the air, then there is no odor to be found. Plus, the charcoal helps to diffuse the odor so it’s not going to be released later.

If you’re vaping indoors, you might be able to use Febreze or a scented candle to help disguise the scent. You only need something to cover it up for a few minutes because it’s going to dissipate anyway. Then your air freshener or candle can be the culprit of whatever whiff someone does happen to catch.

Ventilation works wonders when it comes to vape odors because they don’t linger. Sometimes just making sure the vapor doesn’t escape your immediate space will be all that you need to keep others from knowing what you are doing.

Woman Vaping on a Park Bench 


In answer to the question of whether weed vaporizers smell, the answer is yes. While vaping does have an odor, it’s not always a strong odor. The odor may depend on the flavor, strain, temperature, or even location you are vaping in. However, weed vaporizer odor dissipates quickly instead of a lasting smell, so you don’t have to worry about long-lasting or clingy odors like you do when you smoke weed. It certainly changes things, doesn’t it?

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