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// June 06, 2024 //

benefits of single strain distilled cannabis: a comprehensive guide







When you consider the options for exploring cannabis now, there are so many different options. You can find tons of different strains, various extractions, amazing creations, and even a variety of flavors when it comes to vaping or dabbing your cannabis. One of the popular options right now is distillate and it is popular with good reason too.

Single strain distilled cannabis is a unique option and a legendary strain in cannabis culture. Most people just call it distillate to keep it simple, but you should also know that the single strain part of the terminology is relevant too. Want to know more about this cannabis concentrate? Check out our comprehensive guide below.

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exploring single strain distilled cannabis

Are you ready for an adventure? Then ride along as you take in more information about distilled cannabis and just what that means. This is a type of cannabis concentrate that refines the extraction to specifically pull out certain cannabinoids and isolate the compounds desired from that blend.

Cannabinoids are where compounds like THC or CBD come from. So when a distillate is created, it focuses on specific elements of the cannabis extract. It makes it very unique and very potent to the cannabinoid profile that it isolates as well. The goal is to remove everything else from the strain and focus on that one single property. This is where the name single strain comes from—the single focus of extraction.

If you know anything about live resin or full spectrum options, this is the exact opposite. Many of those creations are designed to give you a well-rounded experience that allows you to enjoy the full spectrum of the cannabis plant, complete with all native terpenes and cannabinoids intact.

But this narrows it down to something very specific and focuses on just perfecting that property from the extraction. It creates a more potent experience of that isolated compound and removes much of the terpenes profile in the process.

And yet, they are both considered pure when done right. They just have a unique background that creates an entirely different end product. It’s pretty cool that this cannabis plant can be made into so many different creations.

benefits of single strain distilled cannabis

Let’s talk about the benefits. We already know this is unique and set apart from other options, but what makes those unique properties worth trying? Let us tell you!


Dosing precision



We’re going to expand on these four things below.


One of the things that attract people to distillate the most is how potent it is. And when we say potent, we don’t just mean with THC. Now don’t get us wrong, when THC is the isolated compound, it is VERY potent. Most THC distillates are nearly 97% THC, which is astronomical compared to many concentrates.

However, the thing about distilled cannabis is that any chosen cannabinoid can be isolated. So if the creator wants to isolate CBD, they absolutely can. And the result is that the CBD and the benefits of CBD would be very potent from doing so. Pretty amazing to be able to create the compound you want most and isolate it for the high potency of that compound.

Regardless of the isolated compound, you can count on extremely high potency. That is because the concentration focuses on isolation. So there are no other compounds in there mixing things up or reducing the total potency levels of the desired compound.

dosing precision

Dosing can sometimes be a challenge because when you use a full spectrum product, it may not always be consistent. However, when you use a single strain of distilled cannabis, you can pretty much predict how much you need for the desired effects.

Since it’s a focused, isolated compound, you can be precise with the desired dosage. It is the cannabinoids that impact dosage the most. But distilled cannabis isolates the cannabinoid specifically so it makes controlling your intake and figuring out your dosage a much simpler process.

The benefit of this comes in avoiding overconsumption for any use. However, those who use medical marijuana for pain relief and therapeutic benefits rather than psychoactive effects can dose specifically to their need. It is much easier to attain the specified dosage for medical purposes.

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While distilled cannabis is narrowed down to isolate a single cannabinoid focus, it is still very versatile. First of all, during extraction, you can choose the cannabinoid that you want to isolate. From a single plant, you can isolate more than one cannabinoid in separate processes.

But even when extraction and refinement are complete and you have distilled cannabis in your possession. That distilled cannabis product can be versatile and you can use it in several different ways. Some people create a tincture with it, while others make edibles. Of course, some choose to vaporize distillate or even dab the distilled marijuana.

There isn’t a wrong answer here. If you have a preference for how you want to use the product, it probably is an option. It’s all up to your favorite method or you can switch it up even.


The last benefit we’re going to talk about is purity. We’ve said over and over again that you’re focusing on a single compound of the cannabis flower. That means you are isolating that cannabinoid compound from every other part of the plant matter.

The process of creating your final concentrate or cannabis oil is very detailed. You’re not just creating oil. You are distilling the extractions of the plant and isolating those desired compounds in the process. Plus, when you follow distillation processes that are trustworthy and done correctly, you remove a lot of impurities and contaminants from the extraction and the plant material.

This is one of the purest strains you will find on the market. Because of the purity, it’s overall safe and it’s an incredibly high-quality product too.

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a quick look at the process

We’ve talked a lot about the process here for making distillate. It’s a long process and it goes through multiple filtering phases to get to the final product. During the processing, it removes fats, terpenes, and more from the compound. By the end, you have a pure product that is not clouded by any other plant matter.

Here is what the process looks like:

Extraction with solvent-based methods to pull out cannabinoids and terpenes from the original plant

Winterization freezes those parts at a specified temperature for up to 24 hours, which coagulates the unwanted materials. Those are then filtered out

Decarboxylation heats the mixture to then filter out and separate the unwanted fats, waxes, and impurities and create an oil

Distillation uses vacuum pressure to distill the winterized compound and isolate the desired cannabinoids

Fractional distillation further refines the distillate to achieve high purity and potency

    This may seem like just a few short steps, but each step is very detailed and very important. The end goal is to remove fats, waxy substances, and any impurities from the cannabis oil.

    What you get when the process is complete is something almost entirely void of any additives or contaminants. There are very few concentrates out there that match the purity of distillate cannabis.

    how does it compare to other cannabis concentrates?

    Let’s close by comparing distilled cannabis to other options out there. How does it compare? The thing is that just because this is potent and unique doesn’t mean other concentrates can’t also be potent and have benefits. They are potent in different ways, where this is potent to a specific cannabinoid.

    At the same time, this is one of the most potent concentrates on the market. Just consider that if it is a THC-based strain, your concentrate could be close to 100% THC. You aren’t going to find that high on hardly any other concentrate out there. It is very potent.

    Most cannabis concentrates are versatile, but some of them are also limited in just where they are a good fit. With distilled cannabis, you can use it for anything and it works well. Why is it so versatile? Because it is pure and it is precise when it comes to dosing. You don’t have to play guessing games to figure out how much to add to an edible. It is exact every time.

    There are few options out there as pure and clean as distillate. You simply can’t achieve these results without having refined processes and filtering. Most producers use fractional distillation and refine their concentrate multiple times to get it as pure as possible. Check out third-party purity testing on something like this and find yourself astonished at just how pure it is!

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    You won’t find anything else out there in the cannabis industry that is quite like single strain distilled cannabis. It is one of the most refined and potent cannabis concentrates available and it offers a wide variety of benefits to cannabis native beginners and experienced users alike. Create the experience that works for you and just enjoy what this concentrate has to offer.

    Ready to experience the benefits of high-quality cannabis products? Check out our premium products now!

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