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// May 09, 2024 //

an in-depth guide to live resin diamonds











Understanding the varying concepts of different cannabis concentrates can be overwhelming. The truth is there are a lot of terms out there. While many cannabis consumers know and understand the majority of the terms, there are also a lot of people who don’t. We get it. When you have multiple terms with similar meanings, it’s confusing.

We’re here to help you break it down and better understand some terms. In this guide, we are focusing on live resin diamonds. This is one of the most high-quality and exceptionally potent concentrates on the market and it is becoming more and more popular for these reasons. Connoisseurs in the cannabis industry call these crystalline masterpieces the premium cannabis experience. Learn more below!

what are live resin diamonds?

Live resin diamonds are also commonly referred to as diamonds. They are not always labeled as live resin, however, that is their classification. Sometimes people call them THC diamonds to differentiate from actual diamonds, but it all means the same thing.

Live resin diamonds are cannabis concentrate that is processed as high resin and maintains a significant cannabinoid profile. When processing is complete, the product looks like a little crystal. Obviously, that’s why they call it diamonds.

What makes resin diamonds different from something like shatter or wax is the extraction process. The unique process pulls out a broader spectrum of cannabinoids, which means you get more potency and more flavor as a result.

How much do you know about live resin? Live resin means that extraction happens from a fresh flower. We’re talking as fresh as possible. The marijuana flower is harvested and then immediately flash-frozen. That preserves the state of the flower, including terpenes and cannabinoids, as it is at the time of harvest. Then, the plant material is extracted so you get fresh results, fresh aromas, and high potency. The process retains the natural essence of your cannabis strain. Live resin typically uses solvents, which then give us a concentrated cannabis oil.

Ok, now pair the concept of live resin with additional steps that turn it into diamonds. With this extraction process, they still get the concentrated oil first. It’s turned into live resin like the process we just described. However, then, they add diamond mining to that to create the THC diamonds.

After the live resin extraction, the concentrated oil is then nucleated. During this step, the elements like the cannabinoids and terpenes crystallize and separate from the oil of the concentrate. The step is like double extraction to really dig down and separate the most valuable elements of the oil. All of this takes some very careful processing using temperature and pressure to make it happen.

The final result? The cannabinoid and terpene content are isolated and crystallized, refining the beauty of live resin into live resin diamonds. You won’t find diamonds like this any other way!

marijuana budding flower

So, here are the details about live resin diamonds

Alright, so you understand the process, but let’s talk about the defining characteristics. What makes live resin diamonds so special?

We’re glad you asked. Here are some things we feel set them apart:






By the time the double extraction process is completed to get the crystalline forms we call resin diamonds, the cannabinoids, and terpenes are at the highest possible level. This really hones the THC content, making it a highly potent creation when it’s complete.

For seasoned users or those looking for a highly potent experience, resin diamonds are about the best you can get. In fact, most diamonds have THC levels that are 90% or very close to that number. The potency is something you can always depend on.

Think of it like this: We know that live resin is a very potent cannabis concentrate. And then when you take that oil concentrate and extract it even further, of course, it’s going to be very potent. People enjoy the potency for both therapeutic benefits and psychoactive effects. It’s going to be intense no matter what your intentions for use are.

marijuana plants


Then, there is flavor. Again, live resin is known for being a well-rounded experience. Because of the freshness of the plant when extraction starts, the flavor is well-maintained. Even through the initial extraction clear down to the diamond extraction, you don’t lose the flavor elements that live resin is known for.

What you will find is the flavor and aroma will be very similar to the initial cannabis plant at the time of harvest. It’s natural and it retains the flavors of the strain. That being said, every batch of diamonds will still be unique because the flavor is derived from the cannabis strain. You might experience heavily earthy notes, fruity and floral notes, or even spicy undertones. This is where knowing the cannabis strain and the essence of that strain will be helpful to understand just what you are getting.


The appearance is self-explanatory in our opinion. However, we wanted to mention it because the appearance most definitely sets diamonds apart from other types of cannabis. When the double extraction process is complete, the crystallized remnants really do look so much like diamonds.

They glitter and shimmer and take on the appearance of the gemstones we all love. In addition, there are various sizes and shapes, too. That depends on the extractions, but you will find there are small grains, large formations, and several things in between those. Every last piece of diamond is a clear reflection of the purity of the concentrate that was used to get to the live resin diamond.


Finally, these buggers are pretty versatile. Since they are no longer just a concentrated oil, they can be used in several different ways. Of course, you can still use diamonds for vaping purposes as the vaporizer will break it down into a vapor for you. Other people like to use a dab rig, a bowl, or a joint.

Honestly, whatever you prefer at the time, you can pretty much make it work with diamonds. You might even consider making some edibles and infusing them with diamonds. That will be a tasty experience to remember for sure.

a look at the production process

We walked through production earlier, but it was a quick overview of just what live resin diamonds were. Let’s take a closer look at each step that brings us to the final product. You will find that producing live resin diamonds requires care and expertise to maintain purity.

Here’s a breakdown for you:

Harvest: The cannabis plant is harvested at just the right time, which is called peak maturity.

Flash freeze: Immediately after harvest, those cannabis flowers are frozen. This preserves their nature at that moment for optimization in the next steps.

Extraction: Using a chemical solvent like propane or butane, the frozen plant is extracted to pull out the live resin. This extracts the most desired compounds, particularly a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Purification: Time to remove the residual solvents from the mix, purging impurities and remnants out of the concentrate completely. This ensures you get a clean and potent concentrate when finished.

Diamond mining: The magic of making diamonds from concentrated oil happens, further extracting cannabinoids and terpene content from the oil, resulting in a crystallized form of highly potent diamonds.

Isolation: Finally, the crystalline formations are isolated and refined to get as pure of a result as possible and create the diamonds that are ready to use or consume in whatever way you prefer.

the scoop on using live resin diamonds

Alright, let’s wrap up this guide with a quick lesson on consumption. First of all, remember that diamonds are versatile. They can be used in just about any way you like. Most people prefer the simplicity of something like a vape pen or a dab rig, but you aren’t limited to those. Dabbing is the most popular choice for diamonds, but again, not required to enjoy.

The consumption process is very similar to enjoying live resin or any other type of cannabis concentrate. However, you will want to figure out dosage so you don’t end up taking it too strong. Remember that they are highly potent and often close to 90% THC, so just be mindful of that.

If you do decide to dab your diamonds, then you need to make sure you have a full dab tool set. If you’re vaping, you just need a quality vape with a great battery and the ability to control your temperature settings. Other than that, just incorporate them in sprinkles for your bowl, joint, or edibles and you will be good to go.


Live resin diamonds are so pure and so potent, making them a popular choice. They are very special creations with intense effects, which is why they are so popular. Plus, they look like diamonds, and who doesn’t love diamonds?

Experience your own elevated experience with live resin diamonds and more. Check out our selection of products today!

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